Commemorative Wall

Loving memories shared with Peaceful Partings




Words can't describe what Scruffy meant to us. She was a super sweet, loving dog with an amazing personality. She gave us tremendous joy every day. The start of her life in a puppy mill in Missouri was horrific but she was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue and we adopted her in 2008. We had many WONDERFUL years with her and she had the life every dog deserves filled with love, tummy rubs, toys, good food (sometimes ice cream) and treats. She traveled many places with us and always loved going for a ride. In her last months, she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and as it got worse, we had to make the dreaded decision to end her suffering. We want to sincerely thank Peaceful Partings staff for their compassion and excellent care on an extremely difficult day.

DividerDear, Friends, Thanks for your help and care guiding Cecil into his next life. He was the most wonderful Vizsla in the world. Please thank the kind woman who returned his ashes. She was so sweet and caring. You have a great business, I have recommended you to many people since you helped me with Alice over a year ago, and will continue to do so. 

Sincerely, Jeanne Harrington


For doing an impossible task lovingly. We appreciate you !!!
Thomas Family


Sir/Ma'am, Losing Nayana was one of the most difficult times of my life. She was more than a dog, she was my world. When I had to say goodbye to her part of me was lost forever. I would like to sincerely thank your company and most importantly the 2 women that came to my home and assisted in this difficult moment. The veterinarian was very nice and professional. The younger woman was very compassionate, soft spoken genuinely cared and even hugged me afterwards to console me. I truly appreciated her heartfelt understanding. Both women are true assets to your company. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, Nayana will be deeply missed but your company helped to make this regrettable day in my life more tolerable. I will highly recommend your services to others.
Sincerely, Gary


Charlie, you will always be a special part of our family. You brought so much joy, We miss you so much. Run free, good dog.
Love, Your Family


Mudge loved being outdoors and hunting as much as he enjoyed food and brief or non-contact snuggles with family. He was a big part of our family and is missed very much. I am thankful he was able to peacefully leave his pain in his favorite spot with his favorite people. Best Regards,
The Ward Family

I wanted to thank you Missy and Dr. Wratten for the kindness and compassion you showed us during such a difficult time. Our Lindsey was our baby girl. And you helped us say goodbye to her in the comfort of our own home, in the cool green grass that she loved.
The Dillon Family

We are so grateful for our 13 years with you, Dude. We miss you terribly, but we know that you are now returned to your younger, mischievous self. Thank you for all your loyalty, the laughs, the memories and loving Mac as much as we do. We know that you and Missy kitty are reunited, and have no doubts that she is pushing things off of the kitchen counter for you to eat...just like old times. We love you old boy.
The Patten Family


We’re very glad that you could come to our house so that Bandit could pass away on her favorite porch.

Thank you very much for helping our family in our time of need. We really appreciated your kindness, compassion and wisdom in making the right decision for Apollo. What a wonderful service you provide.

Thank you both so much for helping us with Ewe. He passed so peacefully, we could not be happier in such a difficult time.

I want to thank you both for making one of the most difficult days of my life a bit easier. You are angels of mercy and I truly thank God for your service. With Gratitude CS.

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with my Sassy, I am so grateful that you were available on such short notice. Your kindness and patience are sincerely appreciated.

I wish I would have found you sooner so that I was more prepared. Also appreciate the clay paw, it turned out nice.

Thank you for helping to make Hannah’s last moments peaceful. You were angels of mercy.

Just a note to thank you and the doctor for your help with Phideaux. You made a very difficult time as beautiful and gentle as possible, and that meant a great deal to my mom and us. (And Phideaux clearly loved you and your bacon treats, and we were happy to see him enjoy that.)

We so appreciate you providing this service to people and their beloved pets with such kindness and care. Thank you again.

Our family would like to thank you for the wonderful care you gave Winston in our time of need. During a stressful time the two of you were calm and comforting to our little baby boy and us. We couldn’t have asked for better service. Thank you so much for your help.

We deeply appreciate your compassionate and loving help with Georgie. An extremely heart breaking situation was eased by the tender, caring way he left us. Thank you for the time you gave to us, which went beyond a 9-5 job. We called and you came without reservation.

Your services and care were so much appreciated. I’m so thankful for you. I don’t know what I would have done if you would not have been available to help my beloved dog to pass from this life.

Sincerely, Dugan’s mom

Thank you very much in helping us to gracefully say our good byes to our dear Rambo. We miss him very much but we know he is at a better place now. With warm regards.

I want to thank you for taking such good care of our Nahla on her last day. We appreciate your compassion and responding so quickly to alleviate Nahla’s suffering. Being in Iraq, your kind service made me feel better in that Nahla wasn’t afraid at the end and she was home where she felt loved.

It hurts that I wasn’t able to be there, but I know Nahla was surrounded by caring people and her my wife told me that she was so happy to see you which made her passing a gentle one.

Thank you very much for all you do.

Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the service you provided so compassionately. We really could not have imagined a more peaceful and calm death for Sax. With gratitude.

Thank you both so much for the care and kindness you gave to Hannah (and me) when her time to go to the spirit world arrived. You made a difficult time less difficult. The service you provide is a blessing.

We felt cared for from the first phone call contact we had with your team. The loss of Booray was devastating. Your kindness, patience, caring and reassurance that “this was a gift we were giving to him”, made a devastating loss, a special, and loving time. All of your time and attention to our family allowed us a healthy start to the grieving process.

Most important of all, the love you poured out to Booray, and your gentle and compassionate ways, were absolutely a gift for him. Thank you for your kindness and for helping him and us through this very difficult time. We truly felt like Booray, and our family, were your number one priority.

We will hope that you never lose the passion that you have for helping others and their pets. We felt so lost and vulnerable, but you were there. Even myself as a nurse with the duty of strength and decorum when witnessing death, was an emotional wreck.

You all made it ok for me to cry. My wife felt so relived after the first phone contact. I came home and she handed me a piece of paper with a phone number, name and time. She followed this by a clear and concise explanation. The look on her face told me right away that someone was going to rescue our hurting pet and at the same time absolutely take care of us and see us through.

We cannot thank you enough for the true gift you brought to Booray and us as his family. God Bless you in your work and for all that you do.

Thank you, our greatest companion and loyal friend, for your unwavering and unconditional love. We may have failed to be our best to you, and for this we are sorry. We know that you loved us despite our faults and sometimes selfish ways. Thank you.

Anyone and everyone that met you loved you instantly. You poured out love and kindness (and a bunch of hair) to all you met. We are deeply saddened that you had to go. We knew that you were not having fun anymore and were not able to maintain the giving you were accustomed to giving to us as your family or any stranger you met.

Our gift to you was to end this earthly life along with your pain. You had some beautiful, brave, caring and truly loving people to help you there. We are so thankful for them as I know you are.

Thank you Booray for all of the years and all of the time. I know we all had tons of fun and you were always a joy. We will never take for granted the wonderful memories of times spent with you at the park, on the trails, or just curled up at home.

We miss your gentle eyes and turned head. We will pray that we do all that we can to live the example you gave us all of how to truly live a life of giving and loving one another. This is our promise to you.

Run, play, sniff, squat, and run some more, boy! You deserve every joy and blessing God can provide!

We love you always and will never forget the blessing you were and continue to be for us. We know you will never never forget us. You are in our hearts and souls forever.


A special note of thanks, "A simple act of kindness has a beauty all its own.” Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Thank you soooo much for taking care of Matty at such a terrible time in my life. Her loss has left me paralyzed with grief.

To the entire staff at Peaceful Partings:

To lose an animal is never easy; making the decision of having to let go is painful. The love, compassion, caring and selfless attention we received was something we will never forget. It was never a “business transaction” but instead 2 friends who came over to help say “Good Bye” in the most loving way possible. Thank you to all involved.

The love you give to the animals and family members alike will be rewarded … someday, somehow.

I am writing this with sadness in my heart. We miss Patches very much. She was a very loving and sweet feline. She was a young 17 years in this photo. 19 years with her was still not enough.

With your help she went in peace and with us by her side. Your kindness and compassion was so appreciated. It made a difficult time just a bit easier.

Thank you again, for all that you do. The Hauptmann family.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude today. The care, concern, sweetness and empathy by both Dr. Duncanson and Peg were phenomenal, when our family made the decision to allow our Honey to be free from pain. We will NEVER forget their beautiful souls and professionalism.

The follow up care was nothing less than the care we received from the beginning. Thank you so very much for having this available to us.

With profound gratitude and love,
Honey’s Family

Thank you for your compassion, it meant more than you’ll ever know.
Peace and love, Susan and Greg

Rio, a much loved pet that remains in our hearts. Thank you again for your compassion and care.

Steve and I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the very loving and compassionate care that Barkley received from your staff.

We will never forget it.
Steve and Suzanne

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You made it possible for Josi to indeed part peacefully. She was comfortable and in no pain.

Your compassion and calm demeanor were so comforting. Your service has made it easier for us to move on. Josi will always be in our hearts.

Thank you!!!
Joe and Willy

I’m so grateful I found Peaceful Partings. Peg, who came to our home, was wonderful. She explained everything to us and was so compassionate. She really made us feel good when she picked up our cat. Thank God for her.

Pam and Mark

With Special Thanks,

Thank you for the special moment on Nov. 21st with my dear Dharma. It was a very hard time for me and you guys were wonderful. Your service is a wonderful even, during a bad time.

Thank you so much, Julie

Thank you for your gentle kindness and caring of my precious Scootie in a heart breaking time for me. Knowing she was in her own surroundings and in mommy’s arms, hearing my voice, made it easier for us to part. I know I will see her again. You could not have been more compassionate to me and Scootie.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Peaceful Partings Friend, Thank you for being there, when so many others couldn’t be. Your kindness will never be forgotten in my desperate time of need.

Teresa and most loyal loving friend – Yoshi

Dear Missy, Dr. Patton and Shawna,

Words cannot express my appreciation for the loving manner you blessed us with when “Shadow” left us. It will never be forgotten!

Sincerely, Sandy

Thank you for your gentleness and help for my pal Shadow of 13 years. Your sweet card was so much appreciated as I’m still going through a rough time. Don’t know where you get the fortitude. I was in the health care industry to protect and save lives so I am feeling quite guilty for arranging his death. Hope he is running, jumping and playing again! Thank you for your kindness.


Thank you so much for making this a very touching and personal moment for our family and Matey.

The Rounds

R.I.P. My Pretty Girl Cheyenne

We sincerely appreciate your compassion you showed us and our pretty girl Cheyenne in such a difficult time, we couldn’t have imagined a better way for Cheyenne to part.

Thank you. – Gonzales Family

In memory of Juneau:

He was so smart and so much fun. We shared 12 years together and it went much too quickly. He had 8 stuffed animal toys and knew each one by name. He liked for people to visit but got upset when they went to leave. I think he was a democrat because he growled if you said George Bush.

He was very popular with my friends and got more mail than I did. He taught me a lot about sharing and gratitude. If love could have saved him, he never would have died. I must thank his doctors and all the staff at Bijou Animal hospital for doing what they could for Juneau and Peaceful Partings for their gentle help at the end.

Dear Missy and Dr. Novosad,

Thank you so much for coming to our home for our beloved cat, Mocha. We were so grateful for your service. We were blessed to have Mocha for a little over 20 years. It was such a comfort to have her peacefully sent back to spirit in her home. With much gratitude to you both, thank you so much for your service.

Sincerely, Mocha’s Family


I cannot say enough. Thank you to you and Dr. Novosad for coming out for Rigz.

Dear PP,

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you all for your caring, tenderness, kindness in helping Sugar pass to Heaven. Dr. Patton and Meredith were so compassionate. They not only comforted Sugar but me also. You let me take so much time as I needed for my “Sugar Baby.” Thank you also for the paw print of Sugar.

Missy who brought Sugar’s ashes back to me, was so kind. I was amazed at the beautiful urn. I thought it was going to be a cardboard box like I was given at the vet’s office. I will treasure it FOREVER! I miss Sugar with all my heart and soul and I always will…

Thank you Peaceful Partings for everything. It takes special people like you all to do this job you do. I am grateful that Buxton Veterinarian office gave me your name and number. I will definitely recommend you all to my friends. Once again, I thank you! I will never forget all of you for everything. See my letter to Sugar on your Facebook page.

Sincerely, Betty

Thank you Dr. Novosad, Perla and Missy for your kindness and compassion at this most difficult time. You helped make Princess’s last moments with us so peaceful and calm. It was truly a blessing to be able to say goodbye at our home, on the bed she shared with us.

God Bless You, Linda and Jim

We want to thank you for filling our hearts with such gratitude for helping Sassy cross over and for being so compassionate to us in our time of grief. We feel so much better now knowing she is healthy now and happy.

Thank you,
Tom and Debbie


It is so difficult to lose a family member. A big thank you to you and Dr. Patton for taking care of Thor in his hour of need, you are so caring and compassionate.

We will all miss our Thor.
Thor’s Grandma

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are so grateful for your kindness, thoughtfulness and gentle care, without which we would never have made it through this difficult time. Spunkmeyer was such a big part of our lives for such a very long time. We have re-discovered an un-natural silence without her. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do.

Sincerely, Todd and Gail K.

Thank you so much for making this difficult time a little bit easier. We greatly appreciate your kindness and care.

Warm Regards,
Lisa M. Hernandez

Dear Missy and Peaceful Partings,

We want to thank you for helping our precious Sarah pass so peacefully, and the compassionate manner you and your team were felt by us. She loved being outside and we’re grateful you could accommodate that. Today ~ snowy and cold ~ is another day she would have loved! We’re grateful for what you did for us, and we know Sarah is too ~ thanks also for your card.

Jan and Steve


My beautiful girl
My best friend
You gave me so much right to the end;
I cry for you
I miss your sweet face
I would give anything for one last embrace;
Gone to heaven without me
Special, silly and smart, I will never forget you,

You’ll live forever in my heart

Dearest Dr. DeJoia, Kate and Missy:

Heartfelt thanks to each of you for all the kindness you extended to us. From the moment we spoke to Missy on the phone, it was abundantly clear that we had made the perfect choice in enlisting your help to set Sadie free.

As you probably surmised, it was a very difficult, but brave decision for my mom to let her faithful, loyal companion of almost 14 years go, but the right decisions aren’t always easy and you all certainly went above and beyond to make it peaceful for both of them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Margie

Dear All:

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Sadie and me. Sadie was so at peace with you and is waiting for us in heaven. Please remember how much we appreciate your care and love. Take care and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Mary

Dear Crista and Pam,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for such a wonderful service you provide, you made Tai so much more comfortable by allowing her to pass at home.


My Baby Girl, you are so missed, we love you for eternity!!! Thank you both so much for taking care of my baby girl, you are wonderful ladies and I am very grateful to have found you to help me do the good thing for my dear baby girl.

I would like to remember my cat Annabel. After 15 years it is hard to let go of someone you consider family. After years of declining health I know I had to make the difficult decision to let her go. You all have given me the ability to do this in an environment where my cat and I both felt safe and comfortable. I truly appreciate your kind words and beautiful services that allowed us to share her last moments together.

I feel this difficult time was made easier by you and a simple thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. Annabel was lucky to go so peacefully and in the arms of her momma. I will always remember her for the wonderful joy she brought to my life, as well as, my children’s lives.

Rest eternally and free from pain my sweet Annie.

Peaceful Partings,
Losing our sweet girl, Layla, was a tremendous loss for our family. We cannot thank you enough for making this extremely difficult and painful process full of compassion, dignity, and beauty. We are eternally grateful to you that Layla got to leave this world peacefully in her home while being showered with love.

You truly are providing an invaluable service. Thank you.

Thank you for helping make it a little easier putting Shrek to rest. I miss him terribly. R.I.P, Shrek. I miss you and love you.

Dear Missy and Dr. DeJoia, Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for coming to our home and making the passing of our beloved little Rusty so loving and peaceful! He showed not the least sign of fear or distress – all living beings should be blessed with such a loving, gentle transition!

We are heartbroken at the loss of our little guy, but so very glad and grateful to have been able to give him this last gift! Thank you for the service you provide!

Sincerely, Heilke and Bob

Bronco, you brought happiness to my life and the household and I will miss that dearly. You were a great companion and I will remember you for the rest of my life. Rest in peace.

I also want to thank Peaceful Partings for helping Bronco pass away in a beautiful manner. He was in so much pain but he passed away so peacefully in his backyard. I appreciate your professionalism, and I want to thank your company for the service you provide to the owners and their pets.

Your company is a class act and I will recommend your services to all my friends.

Pam and Dr. Crista,

It is with heart filled gratitude that we thank you for your compassion and patience as we lay our precious fearless leader to rest after a full, wonderful and adventurous life we all had together. As difficult and sad the service you provide is, it is a blessing and a gift you provide. Teva’s last year was fraught with vet appointments and she didn’t want to go there for her last breath!

Thank you, Thank you,
Marti and Louise

Dear Missy Jenkins,

You recently helped us with our beloved dog, Luna and I wanted to write and thank you for your help and care. Thank you for choosing your job, helping dogs and the families that LOVE them like you do. Thanks for coming to help in our personal home, that is SO HUGE. It makes such a tremendous difference to allow our dog comfort, peace, and to ease suffering without having to become so stressed at the vet’s offices. Thank You!

Your service, compassion and gentle manner was very comforting to my Daughter Haley and I. I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your service and coming to our home to assist us with putting Luna down. She was a wonderful family member and we’ll always cherish the memories we have of her.

Take great care and best wishes, Jeff and Family

Thank you both for your kindness!

Joan S.

I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate your kindness and compassion with my baby boy Kirby, and with me. Kirby’s mama Kitty, brother Tigger, and me – his human mommy….. are all grieving so deeply. Our hearts are so broken, we are now a family of only three. There is a very empty place we will miss our Kirby forever. Thank you for taking such TLC with my baby boy, and for understanding. God Bless and be with you and your families.

My Love, Lynne

Missy and all of the excellent folks at peaceful partings —
Thank you for providing your service. Although it was difficult to say goodbye to our dog, Solli, you helped us make her passing as comforting for us as possible. We cannot thank you enough for the kindness, compassion, and excellent care that you provided for Solli.

There is no substitute for being able to allow Solli to pass in the familiar and comfortable setting of our home. Thanks again!

To our beloved Kitty, Zero,
You came in and blessed our lives in June 2000 and regretfully departed our lives on 9/5/15. We had the most amazingly loving and fun 15 years with you, and you are irreplaceable. Our lives will never be the same without you, and right now we are devastated. The thought of you no longer being here to cuddle with us while hearing your intense purr, is unbearable. You would purr so intensely if we just touched you or talked lovingly to you! We will never get that sound out of our heads, nor will we ever get the sound of your goofy meow out of our heads. Your meow was more like a dog’s, “woof”, and it would make us laugh and laugh. Remembering things like this make it extremely difficult to accept that you are no longer here with us, but eventually (hopefully) we will find comfort and laughter in these wonderful memories of you.

Zero, we will so miss how you would bite at your own tail when we would shake it in your face, and how you would just love chasing the laser pen light and make another goofy meow while doing so! We will intensely miss how you would sit at your favorite chair at the dinner table and repeatedly try to eat our food right off our plates despite our scolding. And, oh, we will miss how your fat rolls on your belly would sway back and forth like a hammock when you ran down the stairs to get to the kitchen before us! You loved to eat so much that we could forget about sleep when you were hungry because you would literally bang your head on our bedroom door. It was hilarious and adorable, and we couldn’t even be mad at you! Now with you gone, I would give anything to have you awaken me just so you could eat.

In your final days you wouldn’t eat at all, which was so unlike you and devastatingly heart-breaking to witness. It was your time to go, but I want you here with us so badly. Even though you are no longer at our sides, or cuddling with dad while he plays video games, you are forever in our hearts. I just hope our broken hearts can begin to heal soon because right now we are devastated. We love you!

Your mom and dad (Balinda and Sam)

Thank You Dr. DeJoia and Megan for such a “peaceful” parting. It was so special and comfortable to let Peekboo go in his favorite surroundings.

Warmly, The Farrar Family

I just wanted to thank you again for how well you took care of Joey. (The little black cat.) You are very compassionate and kind. I can tell you treat each animal as if it were your own. You are very informative but in a gentle and sensitive way. You were right, even though we would rather have him alive, it does help to have him home with us.

We love and miss him so much, and our hearts are very broken, but I want you to know you helped us so much. If you ever need anything, or a reference, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you again. I hope you have a wonderful day.


To the folks at Peaceful Partings,
I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful job you did helping Rosie pass peacefully on 8/8/2015, from Pam and the Veterinarian, to the young lady who delivered Rosie’s ashes two days later.

Thank you for such compassion and professionalism.

Jeff and Kelli Lundholm

Thank you so much for coming to our house and providing such kindness and compassion for what is truly a sad time in my family and I’s life.

Max had been a part of our family for the last 15.5 years. Our hearts ache for him, but so appreciate your service in allowing him to be free of pain.

Sincerely, John, Trudi, Anna, and Eric

Dear my friends,

I want to thank you with all my heart at your incredible compassion and gentleness in helping Vincent and me. I was so at peace that night and held him until he was gone, not a hint of pain was in his eyes and not a hint of regret in mine. Thank you both for sharing your God given gift with me and Vincent.

I am at peace. Blessing. Tracy

Thank you for helping me let go of "Max", my friend and companion for 16 years.

To our beloved, loyal companion,

Precious Dawg, you came in and blessed our lives in Aug 2000 and regretfully departed our lives on 7/17/16. We had the most amazingly loving and fun 16 years with you, and you are irreplaceable. You have been to the mountains and ocean and back and across the country with us. The majority of our adult years were lived happily with YOU! I do not know how I am going to come home day in and day out now to the enormous absence and void of you no longer lovingly greeting me at the door. I don't know how my life goes without YOU in it. Our lives will never be the same without you, and right now we are devastated. The thought of you no longer being here to cuddle with me on your favorite couch under a blanket on those lazy weekends in front of the TV, is unbearable to me. You loved and protected me so intensely, and you would give a warning bark and growl without hesitation to your other furry family members, as well as any other human that attempted to come near me when you were next to me! Remembering things like this, especially your loyalty, bond, and unconditional love towards me, make it extremely difficult to accept that you are no longer here with me, but eventually (hopefully) we will find comfort and laughter in these wonderful memories of you. But, as of now, I cannot accept that you are gone, and I am deeply hurt and saddened.

Precious Dawg, we will so miss countless things that cannot even begin to fit in this space, but primarily your feisty German temperament, your intelligence, you LOYALTY, your claws excitedly tapping on the floor when you raced to see us, your puckered lips while howling when we would get you fired up, your deep love for your basketball which was larger than you, playing tug of war with socks and bubble wrap, chasing matchbox cars and the Christmas tree train, chasing the laser pen light, and how you would intelligently take your toys in your mouth and sneakily cover up "messes" that you made on the carpet thinking we would not find your messes hidden under your toys. You goofy, smart, and sneaky dog!

Now, as I dreaded, yet knew was inevitable, in your final days you were no longer the fun-loving and happy dog that we remembered. This was devastatingly heart-breaking to witness. Yet, despite your near blindness and deafness, and your weak legs, you still knew when we arrived home daily after being away, and you always mustered up enough energy to greet us with unending excitement and love. It was your time to go after these wonderful past 16 yrs with us, but we want you here with us so badly. Even though you are no longer at our sides (literally glued to MY side), you are forever in our hearts. I just hope our broken hearts can begin to heal soon because right now we are devastated. I fear that the strong bond you and I had will never occur again with any other dog, it understandably will never be the same. Please remember us and run free with clear eyes and sharp ears, hang around your home with us in spirit even though we cannot see you, and never forgot the bond we had. We love you!
Mom & Dad (Balinda & Sam)

"What you did was so great...And I am so grateful! Thank you"
Dearest Missy & Dr. Highfield,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the compassion you've shown to me concerning my Simone. Hard as I may try, there are no words for your being right there to help in this special, private moment of life's transition. God Bless you and what you do.

Eternally grateful, Sharene & Family

Dear Missy & Dr. Johnson,
Our family cannot thank you enough for being there for us on Friday and taking care of Ziggy. Your professionalism and compassion made the process more comforting than we expected.

With love, D'Ette, Alan, & Elise

Dear Ashley & Missy,
Thank you so much for the services you provided to us & our dearly loved Bandit. Your passion, love for pets & professionalism is evident in your work. The lovely handcrafted impressions of paws are very touching, and the box he came home in is just beautiful. I am so happy we took my friends advice & called you . You are exactly what a grieving family needs to help ease the stress of a pet's passing. Thank you again, and please , keep up your good work. Our community needs you!
Sincerely, The Tillery Family

Dear Missy and Dr. Lou at Peaceful Partings,
Thank you so much for your appreciated home care availability, your professionalism, empathy and thoughtfulness. You made the painful decision we needed to make for our Heidi to "leave" so much less difficult. Thank you for the gift of her "Paw Print", options for cremation, and the card of sympathy, and folder of care.
Cydney & Dennis

Dear Missy & Dr. Highfield,
Thank you for your compassion and care that you gave my precious Squirty on Saturday, August 6th, 2016. You do indeed have beautiful hearts.
Blessings, Rita V. & Squirty

For giving all you give, for doing all you do, for caring how you care- thanks for being you!
Thank you so much for your compassion during our very difficult time. We are so very happy our sweet "Tiara" was able to cross the Rainbow Bridge at home by our sides. She was happy and comfortable, never affraid. Please know words could never express our gratitude.
Blessings, The Leones'

Thank you for helping us at a difficult time. It was a tough decision to make but the right thing to do for Bailey.
Pat & Don

Pam & Dr. Highfield & Missy,
Pam & Dr. Highfield thank you so much for how you treated Scooter with such respect and care. He was not afraid and it meant so much to each of us to have him be at peace and to be calm and feel our love when he passed. He was very special to our family in so many ways. To each of you thank you for making this possible for each one of us. Thank you for your caring words and caring attitude.
Sincerely, Rob, Taylor & Becky (Buster & Moose)

To the Peaceful Partings Staff:
Words could not express how appreciative my family and I are to you and the services you provided. Letting my Baby Ace pass in the comfort of our own home guaranteed he would not be anxious in a medical setting and was able to pass in the comfort of our own home surrounded by loved ones. I thank you so much for ending my baby's pain! We will be forever grateful. There is no doubt I will recommend your company again and again. Thank you to your entire staff.
Thank you with gratitude, Courtney Glommen

To All at Peaceful Partings,
Thank you so much for your services. This note is long overdue. You came to our home in December to pur our dog Remington to rest. What a wonderful service you provide! I was so heartbroken to put my dog to sleep but you made it so comfortable for of us. We were so blessed to be able to have you come and your name says it all -- Peaceful Partings is exactly what it was. Thank you, Thank you. I'm so grateful that we found you.
Sincerely, Barbara Ihlenfeld

Thank you for taking such great care of our beautiful & sweet Sara. You made a horrible thing a little less horrible.

Thank you, Laurie, Brent, Paige, Alex & Sara Girl

Dear Missy,
We had no idea that your incredible loving services existed, but when we unexpectedly needed you, a wonderful friend sent you our way. Making this difficult time more bearable. You must have angel wings! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

PS Maggie thanks you in her way and has stopped looking for Aspen. Our children, Mikayln & Chandler send their gratitude as well.

Your thoughtfulness certainly made a difference in mine. Thanks Again. Thank you so much for making 2 more paw prints for our granddaughters in Lousiania, that was so wonderful of you. You have made the loss of our Oscar less painful with the care you have given, and all your help, you are an angel. Thank you so much for everything.


I will definitely recommend you guys to friends and family.

Our family loves to rescue animals and we have used Peaceful Partings as a cremation service a few times in the past. This was the first time we used their caring in home euthanasia service. I never wanted to see this day come for my rescued greyhound, Cairo. He was born Sept. 21, 2004 and decided early on he didn't want to race (smart pup) so I adopted him through Colorado Greyhound Adoption on Dec. 31, 2005 or I should say my husband adopted him. Unfortunately for Shawn, Cairo bonded with me and he was with me every moment of every day never letting me out of his sight when I was at home. Sometimes he liked to go to bed before I was ready and there he would stand at the bottom of the stairs whining for me to hurry up. I can't begin to describe how much he meant to me. As time moved forward he started to move slower to the point where he couldn't walk anymore and then Saturday night he broke his leg. I slept with him that night and called Missy Sunday morning June 18, 2017. Peaceful Partings was there the same day and at 12 years and 9 mos. it was time to let him go and take all his pain away. I love you Cairo and I know there will never be another like you. I pray I will see you again one day.

Thank you so much for coming today. Words just are not there for how much this helped us and helped Tabatha. I've attached a photo of her doing one of her favorite things in a favorite place.

We are very proud and grateful to see our Samantha/Sammie's photo on your website.

Janet Radtke Stockton

Thank you so much for being in our home for Bagheera.


But anyone can see that what you do makes a wonderful difference. Thank you for your compassion and making Maggie's passing so peaceful. So glad you have entered our lives.

Ian, Peggy, & Cristina

Dear Missy,
Thank you for your recent kindness & understanding helping Foxxy cross the rainbow bridge. Your calmness was wonderful, and I have no doubts Foxxy's passing was only peaceful. Everyone's last moments should be nothing but what she experienced (& me too!). I have heralded & praised your services to anyone who has a fur baby. Godbless you all!



We want to thank you for your caring service & gentle handling of our Myrtle.  She passed gently and comfortably & we couldn't have asked for better.  We appreciated the card you sent also.  Thank you!        Sincerley, Reva, Rick,  Mabel


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