House Call Pet Euthanasia

Deciding to euthanize a pet is one of the most difficult decisions that many people make.  It is a selfless decision that relieves end of life suffering of terminally ill pets.  Because pets are considered part of the family, this is a very difficult time for everyone involved.  The goal of Peaceful Partings is to make this time easier for both the pet and the family by offering pet euthanasia where the pet and family are most comfortable, in their own home.


How will you care for my pet?

When you call Peaceful Partings, we will be available to answer questions and to offer guidance in making the decision to euthanize your pet if you have not already made the decision with your regular veterinarian.  The decision is a personal one, and we will not make it for you.  However, we can discuss quality of life issues that may make your decision easier.  When the decision to euthanize has been made, an appointment will be set.

A veterinarian and veterinary technician/assistant will arrive at your house at the predetermined time.  Introductions will be made and a small amount of paperwork must be completed.  Sunsetting DogThe euthanasia process will be explained, and any questions will be answered.  Depending on the pet and situation, a sedative or pain med may be given by injection under the skin. Then an intravenous catheter may be placed to ease the final injection.  Peaceful Partings will not rush the family.  Time will be given to say goodbye before and after the euthanasia is performed.  The family may decide if they want to be present for the final injection.  If they are present, they may hold, pet, and talk to the pet during the final injection.  If there are children in the family, the parents should decide in advance if they want them to be present for any part of the process.   Arrangements by the family may need to be made in advance to accommodate that decision.  Peaceful Partings offers a free clay paw print, and/or hair clippings will be provided if desired.

The pet owner may choose the disposal of the body.  The first option is to keep the body for burial or make arrangements for burial with a pet cemetery.  The second option is cremation.  Peaceful Partings uses the services of our sister company, Peaceful Memorials Pet Crematory.  We have personally viewed the processes for both individual and communal cremations and feel confident that they offer professional, ethical services.  Transportation of the body to  the crematorium is apart of Peaceful Partings service. If cremation is chosen, the family must decide if they want the ashes returned.  If they do not want the ashes returned, the pet will be cremated with a group of other pets, called communal cremation.  The ashes will be mixed with other pets, and  will  be spread on a private ranch in Keenesburg, NE of Denver.  If the family does want the ashes returned, individual partitioned or solo cremation is performed.  The pets are individually separated during cremation, and the ashes will be returned to the family by Peaceful Partings.  The ashes will be placed in a wood or clay pot urn at no charge or in an urn of the family’s choice for purchase.   The third option is private cremation, where the family arranges with the Peaceful Memorials Pet Crematory to be present during the cremation process.


Peaceful Partings offers house call pet euthanasias by appointment. We realize not all euthanasias can be planned in advance, and we try to accommodate the pet’s and family’s needs. We do offer evening and weekend appointments at no additional fees, so please call for availability.